Thursday, 24 June 2010

Something Fishy

I find fish really interesting, they're so beautiful. They are also interesting because there are a few different types of beautiful fish, similar to different styles of fashion or art: there are some that have beautiful structure such as the one below, which has lovely well-stuctured fins which are shown off to their best due to the use of a simple, neutral colour palette.

Then there are the brightly coloured party-fish, some have beautiful structure and some are more simple however it is always the use of colour that makes them stand out. These are the ones that I tried to find pictures of to inspire me to design some accessories, however along the way a got distracted by another kind of beauty that I want to show some pictures of. This is the stuff that make you feel uncomfortable and even scared, one of these fishy pictures is going to give me nightmares (I guess it's a good job I don't undertake watching scary films too often), but despite this, if you look closely you will realise that they are, in fact, even more beautiful than the obviously beautiful ones; the structure is so incredible and mind-blowing that your gaze is riveted to it; like a gory film that you cant help but stare at even if you feel like screaming. 'spect to these scary dudes.
The problem is however inspiring and amazing I find these pictures I feel like I need to be in a certain mood to work with them and at the moment I think that I need to use some bright colours and make something fun rather than serious. So, it's party-fish time! YAY! PARTY!

I have a few more but I think you get the picture- aren't the kissing ones cute? I want to design something from these but it's probably going to be accessories with more of a literal take on the fish thing, I want to make sure I can actually make something on my limited budget. Watch this space.

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  1. fish really are so great.. finding nemo was a trip!