Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Woohoo it's my birthday in two weeks and three days, for my birthday I am getting.... TOKIDOKI! Have officially ordered these two tops these two tops:
I absolutelly adore them; Simone Lengo is my favourite designer, I have a Tokidoki bag which is the most amazing item I own, my friends think i've gone mad- and I wont deny it. I have gone insane with the whole different world of brightly coloured Japanese kawaii, a world (and this is what I especially love about my bag) that you can stare at for hours, thinking you've noticed every detail, but you really haven't. Suddenly one day you'll notice another cute character or accent of colour and it'll just blow your mind all over again. On the surface the designs and characters appear to be all sweetness and light, but their world is designed to show a deeper meaning, not just a pretty picture but a real soul and message; these cactus pups are cutesy dogs that have to dress in their spikey cactus costumes to protect themselves from the dangers of the outside world.
Another set of characters are Adios and his girlfriend Ciao Ciao. They appear to be all about death but in actual fact they are the opposite. Condemned to live forever on earth they wander around teaching others about how to make the most of life.

I just found this uber cute video of them but my computer wont let me download it, so here's the link:

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about owning these T-shirts, which may sound obbsessive, and yes, yes it probably is. But I just find all the Tokidoki characters so amazingly inspiring that I just can't help myself.

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