Sunday, 23 May 2010

New dress

Ok, I admit, this is quite a bad photo, but my camera is being wierd, so this is your lot for now, maybe i'll get a better picture to put up tomorrow. Anyways, this is kinda where my style is at at the moment. I bought the dress a couple of days ago (a bargain at half price) and i'm totally in love with it; it's all lacey and pretty and yummy! But I wanted to add a twist to the rather girly dress (not that girly is bad), so I wore it with neon pink tights, my iced gem earings and top hat hairclip. I think this is my favourite thing to experiment with at the minuite, lace in neutral shades, with a flash of colour to give the outfit a pop. Well thats all for now, tell me what you think.

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