Friday, 21 May 2010


First things first, my name is Emily Hutchinson. I'm new to the whole blogging thing, soo i'm not too sure what to be doing next, all i know is that i'm into fashion in a big way, and i'd love to share my thoughts and my stlye with whoever wants to know. Tips or comments from any of you fashionistas out there would be appreciated muchly!


  1. I don't have much advice for you because I, too, am fairly new, but I wish you luck!

  2. I'm kinda new too, but commenting on lots of blogs gets you readers. Also give 100% in all of your posts. Stupid, random titles also helps:D Have fun with your blog!!!

  3. thanks! good luck to you guys too!

  4. Hey there, just found you through the style rookie's comments.
    you look promising :) I'm not quite a fashionista but I am a blogger and I'm beginning to appreciate fashion more and more; Tavi's really inspiring.
    what you've got so far is interesting, and I have only one tip - your grammar is really good compared to a lot of the idiots out there, but people on the Internet, especially fashion bloggers, tend to sort of respect you more (ie, not think of you as an annoying teenybopper) if you capitalise your I's and all that, at least once in a while - obviously you don't have to be perfect, but some appropriate capital letters and apostrophes where necessary would be great.

    (OH ps, don't blatantly advertise in comments, heh.)

  5. (whoops sorry, about that last comment, I thought you were someone else.)