Thursday, 27 May 2010

Summer Shopping Inspiration

I feel like i'm building up to a mahoosive (yes i know that's not a word as I have been told many times before) shopping splurge. I love this picture from chanel:

I love the contrast of the luxurious, girly, OTT clothes and the haybale setting. I can't put my finger on what it is about this mix that I love (methinks I really need to improve my ability to put my thoughts into words if I am to pass GCSE english) but it has something to do with what I said in my post about individuality; if you saw this girl checking into a five star hotel then I would probably assume her to be some kind of royalty, (and without meaning to offend anyone who dresses like this because I personally love this look and I am merely trying to illustrate my point about the contrast, in a very roundabout and offensive way) someone who would pull out a diamond encrusted bottle of hand sanitizer if she came into contact with another human being. But by setting the picture on top of a haybale my whole opinion of this woman is changed and the look seems much more wearable and fun- which is just what fashion should be! Gonna be looking for lots of lace and jewells when I hit the shops-YAY!

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